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Meg and Jerry Murray

We solve problems.

élevage consulting helps clients: 

make. market. move. 

We provide solutions to the host of problems that vineyards, wineries and wine-related business face on a daily basis. We do not sell off-the-shelf products and solutions. By listening to our clients, asking the hard questions and taking the long view, we build custom programs and systems.

make: winegrowing, grape to bottle production, confidential wine brokering, private labels, operations analysis, style development and consulting.

market: strategy, branding, social media, project management, content marketing and design.

move: sales channel strategy, confidential bulk and bottled wine brokering, operations and customer relationship systems analysis.

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Jerry Murray: With experiences spanning two decades and reaching along the West Coast and across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Jerry knows how to grow and make wine. He is passionate about helping clients create wines that reflect their unique vineyard sites and brand personality. He targets production programs that are synergistic with sales and marketing priorities. 95% of his shirts bear wine stains and he wears boots more than 350 days a year. Connect with Jerry on LinkedIn here.

Meg Murray: Over the last 15 years Meg worked and consulted for large and small wineries, winery associations, digital marketing firms and startups. She enjoys starting with the 30,000 foot view and diving into the day to day. She is a firm believer in setting up systems and brands for the long haul. Sloppy databases and uncollected data keep Meg up at night. Her favorite question is “why”. Connect with Meg on LinkedIn here.

Team: 30 years of combined industry experience are expanded with our small team of contractors. We take big ideas, break them down into manageable pieces and set your business up for success. Need help executing things? Yep, we do that too.